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I'm Glenn Campbell. I call myself a “peripatetic hyperprolific content generator”. For years, I've been spewing out “content”—lots of it—and this page tries to organize it. (See below⇩ and menus above⇧)

    All I do these days is post on Twitter (here and here), record podcasts (here and here), take videos for Instagram and drive cars and pets across the country for other people. That's pretty much it.

Humans? I've heard of them, but I don't have much direct contact with them.

    For over a decade, I have lived on the road, hardly ever stopping. My longest time in one place was about five months in Massachusetts for cancer treatment in 2018. I had a blast! I survived two bouts of lymphoma cancer but seem to be fully healthy right now.

I used to be called an “expert” on Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada, and I was instrumental in publicizing it in the 1990s (New York Times). I got on a lot of TV shows that I'm not completely comfortable with. Later, I studied the Family Court system in Las Vegas for 2½ years (Las Vegas Sun).

    I was married once, but it was a disaster—the worst crisis and most important learning experience of my life. (I can identify with those who survived WWII.) I have no kids of my own.

I used to travel—a lot! I've visited 88 countries, including every country of Europe except Russia, but I quit overseas travel in November 2019 after my computer and passport were stolen in Chile. (The timing of my hiatus was impeccable!) These days, my travel is mainly limited to Walmarts and truck stops within the continental US.

    My main project these days is shown in the box above⇧: Demographic Doom. The central part of the project is redesigning the human family (in theory) with a structure I call the “post-nuclear family”. Since my Area 51 heyday, most of what I've produced has gotten little attention—audience in the double-digits—but that doesn't deter me. I'm good at pursuing abstract projects for long periods without any feedback from others (which is how I got into Area 51).

The Myers-Briggs Personality System, which I think is bullshit, says I'm an “INTJ”, which I can't disagree with. Those folks have a plan for everything and are relentless in pursuing it. In everything I do—like posting to Twitter—I've developed some amazingly complex rules, engineered for maximum efficiency. This thread🧵 describes other aspects of my personality.

    I don't know how long I'm going to live, but nobody does. My main concerns these days are refining my family system and finding ways to make sure all my shit is preserved after I'm gone.

Almost everything on the rest of this page⇩ (and the menus on top⇧) is past work that I abandoned long ago. I'm active mainly on the projects above and on social media. I still post to Facebook for the old people. I have at least 700 photo albums there from around the world. I have maybe 10,000 posts on Instagram, mostly videos, indexed by my own proprietary hashtag system. On YouTube, I have over 500 videos in three accounts (here, here and here). This video is my favorite.

    There's tons of other stuff. No single human, myself included, will ever be able to process it all. You can only take from it the little bits that are useful to you. This page and my various indexing systems are intended to help you find what you are looking for.
17 February 2021
Sagamore, Massachusetts
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  • Best known as a televised expert on Area 51 in the 1990s (no longer active)
  • Current Project: Demographic Doom: Why the World is Falling Apart   
  • Survivor of lymphoma cancer in 2018. 86 nights in a hospital bed.  photos 
  • Non-stop traveler since 2008 — 80% in USA, 20% overseas — 88 countries  list 
  • Circumnavigated the globe clockwise in 2015  photos 
  • Philosophy writer, author of several self-published novels and philosophy books.  best novel 
  • Published author in Turkish translation (The Case Against Marriage)
  • Always obsessing over a single major creative project - currently:  Demographic Doom 
  • Posting daily to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Username: BadDalaiLama (like the good one but without the empty platitudes)
  • Prolific videomaker on YouTube (currently on hiatus). 100s of videos on 3 accts.
  • Prolific photographer though 2015 (posted on  Facebook ). Mainly video thereafter.
  • Technically homeless since 2008.
  • Former: Computer Programmer, Family Court Guy, Airline Worker    Family Man
  • Divorced & bankrupt in 2005. EUPD victimized. 0 biological children.
  • Recovering caffeine addict. Occasional aspirin user. Non-alcoholic. Tried MJ once only.
  • Millennial in the body of a Baby Boomer. Not a single gray hair.
  • Professional driver of cars and pets
  • Keywords: #paripatetic #hyperprolific #conscientious #existential #skeptical
        #reductionist #pragmatic #triage #agnostic #spartan #abstemious #unfettered
        #nomadic #eurocentric #eccentric #doomsayer #unsentimental #observational
        #diligent #ironic #nonsarcastic #responsible #iconoclastic #adiamorphic
        #nonfatalistic #antipopulist #elitist #selfdirected #sentient #satirical #phlegmatic
        #temperate #noncompetitive #systematic #organized #unrecognized #farsighted
        #prudent #bemused #trenchant #obsessive #haunted #deliberate #methodical
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Demographic Doom: Why the World is Falling Apart
A multi-media philosophical exploration

The greatest threat to humanity is not climate change, nuclear war or Donald Trump. It is disruptive changes in the structure of human populations.

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Harper Junction (novel) The Case Against Marriage Area 51 Viewer's Guide Kilroy Cafe Limbo (novel) Witch-Hunt in Norway


Cancer was Fun! (Bad Dalai Lama #184) by Glenn Campbell Imaginary Wealth: The Root of Every Economic Crash (Bad Dalai Lama #183) by Glenn Campbell Our Borderline President and my Ex-Wife (Bad Dalai Lama #182) by Glenn Campbell The Hypocrisy of Thoughts and Prayers (Bad Dalai Lama #181) by Glenn Campbell   More
Get Ready for the Coming Permanent Recession (Bad Dalai Lama #180) by Glenn Campbell The Secret of Great Performances, by Glenn Campbell Russian Roulette: Childbirth, by Glenn Campbell

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Estranged from: Turkey, Russia, Trump voters
Afraid of: Unprotected heights, Eqypt, Kenya, other unsafe African countries
Philosophy: Existentialist. Agnostic on: Religion, UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena. Inventor of: Triagism, Crapology
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Demographic Doom: Why the World is Falling Apart The Case Against Marriage Harper Junction (novel) Area 51 Viewer's Guide Kilroy Cafe Limbo (novel) Witch-Hunt in Norway

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