Glenn Campbell's Geographical Index
Over 30000 photos in 600+ albums!

Below is a geographical index of all my photo albums and many of my videos. It is followed by an overview of my photographic history and equipment.
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Glenn Campbell's Photo Albums from Outside USA
  1. Regional Indexes: World | Middle East | Europe | Baltic/Iceland | Balkans | Eastern Europe | Caribbean/Mexico | British Isles | Scandinavia
  2. Albania: Tirana | Albania By Bus | Girls on a Bus
  3. Andorra: {Visited around 1990 but no albums}
  4. Argentina: {Visited around 1990 but no albums}
  5. Armenia: Yerevan | Instagram
  6. Australia: 1990 Tour Reconstructed
  7. Bahamas: {Visited Nassau around 1990 but no albums}
  8. Belgium: {Visited multiple times around 1990 but no albums}
  9. Bosnia: Sarajevo - Videos: Sarajevo Marketplace | Sarajevo Sniper Alley
  10. Bulgaria: Sofia
  11. Brazil: {Visited around 1990 but no albums}
  12. Canada: Trans-Canada Highway | Canada Album Index - Videos: Playlist of Canada Videos | Instagram
  13. China: {airport only} Peking Airport
  14. Croatia: Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik Airport | Split | Dalmatian Coast Bus Ride | Zagreb
  15. Cyprus: Instagram
  16. Czech Republic: Prague 2013 | Prague 2014 | Bone Church | Countryside | Model Railway | | Instagram
  17. Denmark: Copenhagen | Europe by Rail
  18. Dubai: Dubai | Desert | Instagram
  19. East Germany: {Visited around 1988 when it was still a separate country but have no photos}
  20. England: Britain Index | Stonehenge | Salisbury | Winchester | Brighton | Portsmouth | Instagram
  21. Egypt: Great Pyramids | Cairo | Sinai Desert
  22. Estonia: Tallinn
  23. Europe: Western Europe | Eastern Europe | 2013 Tour | 2013 Rail Journeys | 2012 Baltic/Iceland Tour | 2010/12 Balkan Tours | Fun with Communism | 1992 Visit | Europe from the Air
  24. Finland: Helsinki | Helsinki Arrival
  25. France: Album Index | Mont St. Michel | Nice | France Tour 2006
  26. Georgia: Instagram
  27. Germany: Album Index | Berlin | Berlin by Bus | Hamburg | Miniatur Wonderland | Munich | Cologne | Frankfurt | Dresden & Leipsig | Elbe River | Europe by Rail | Instagram
  28. Gibraltar: Rock of Gibraltar
  29. Greece: Album Index | Thessaloniki | Instagram
  30. Greenland: {overflight only} From the Air
  31. Hong Kong: Hong Kong |
  32. Hungary: Budapest
  33. Ireland: Dublin | Dublin Airport to Belfast by Bus
  34. Iceland: Driving Tour | Reykjavik | Keflavik Airport
  35. India: {Visited around 1989 but no albums}
  36. Israel: Album Index | Eilat, Haifa & Masada
  37. Italy: Italy Album Index | Naples & Vesuvius | Verona | Pisa | Liguria Coast | Amalfi Coast | Instagram
  38. Jamaica: Jamaica |
  39. Japan: Best Japan Photos | Japan Master Index | Lake Kawaguchiko (Mt. Fuji) | Kawaguchiko by Train | Instagram
  40. Kazakhstan: Almaty | Instagram
  41. Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek | Instagram
  42. Kosovo: Pristina | Rugova Gorge | Prizren | By Rental Car | By Bus
  43. Latvia: Riga | Riga Airport
  44. Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein |
  45. Lithuania: Vilnius
  46. Macedonia: Skopje
  47. Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur |
  48. Malta: Malta | Popeye Village
  49. Montenegro: Budva
  50. Mexico: Teotihuacan Pyramids
  51. Moldova: Chisinau |
  52. Monaco: Monaco |
  53. Morocco: Marrakech | Tangier
  54. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  55. New Zealand: {Visited in 1981 and around 1990, but no albums}
  56. Northern Ireland: Belfast | Giant's Causeway | Ballymena | Bus | At Night
  57. Norway: Oslo | Northern Norway | Bergen & West Coast | Instagram
  58. Palestine: Christmas in Bethlehem | Bethlehem General | Instagram
  59. Portugal: Lisbon | Sintra
  60. Poland: Warsaw | Yakutians | Southern Poland | Wieliczka Salt Mine
  61. Puerto Rico: Coastal Tours 2013-14 | El Yunque Rainforest | Before 2013 | Instagram
  62. Romania: Transylvania | Bucharest | Instagram
  63. San Marino: General |
  64. Scotland: Highlands & Loch Ness | Edinburgh & Glasgow | By Bus | Instagram
  65. Serbia: Belgrade
  66. Singapore: {Visited in late 1980s but no albums}
  67. Slovenia: Ljubljana
  68. Slovakia: Bratislava | Countryside
  69. South Korea: Seoul | Instagram
  70. Spain: Album Index | From the Air | Seville | Seville Parade | Tarifa | Huesca Bus Ride | Lascellas | Instagram
  71. Sri Lanka: Colombo
  72. Sweden: Stockholm | Instagram
  73. Switzerland: Alps | Instagram
  74. Thailand: Bangkok | Train | Instagram
  75. Taiwan: Taipei Instagram
  76. Turkey: Index of Albums | Bodrum | Instagram
  77. Ukraine: Kiev | Chernobyl | Odessa | Instagram
  78. Venezuela: {Visited Caracas in late 1980s but no albums}
  79. Virgin Islands: St. John | St. Thomas | 24-hour visit | Iguanas
  80. Wales: Portmeiron | Instagram

Glenn Campbell's Photo Albums from the United States

  1. USA General: Unsorted | On the Road | America from the Air | WalMart | Consumer Ironies | American Supermarket | Tornado! | Commercial America | Trains | Northeast Snowstorm 09 | Whole Foods | Homeless

  2. Alabama: General
  3. Alaska: Alaska Highway Index | Alaska Cities 2009-2012 | Anchorage & Alaska Highway 2013 | Tok 4th of July 2013 | Whittier | Buckner Building, Whittier
  4. Arizona: General | Tombstone | Sedona | Arcosanti | Bond Impersonator | Yuma County Fair | Window Rock | Biosphere 2 | The Thing
  5. Arkansas: General | Clinton Library & Home | Tornado - Video: Truck Fire
  6. California: Master Index Coast | Wine Country | Death Valley | Boron | Zzyzx | Morro Bay | Mojave Desert | Mojave Cabins | Central California | Sequoias - Video: Crossing the Colorado River | Flight for Life near Barstow
  7. Colorado: General | Rocky Mtn Natl Park | Glenwood Hot Springs | Vail Resort | Carl's Jr. Drive Thru | Greeley Model Railroad | Bus Vail to Denver | Denver Flophouse | Dinosaur Ridge | Durango & Silverton | Silver Plume | Denver Natural History Museum | University of Denver - Video: Glenwood Canyon | Pagosa Springs
  8. Connecticut: General
  9. Delaware: General
  10. District of Columbia:
  11. Florida: Florida Index | Miami & South Florida | Gulf Coast | Miami Beach | Key West | Key West Pirates | Florida Keys | North of Jupiter | Orlando & Central | Wekiva Springs | Pelicans of the Keys | Daytona College | Tampa | Univ of Tampa | St. Augustine | Gainesville Boo in the Zoo | Romance Superstore
  12. Georgia: General | Fort King George | Abandoned Strip Club | Stone Mountain
  13. Idaho: General
  14. Hawaii: Album Index
  15. Illinois: General | Chicago | Millennium Park | Original McDonalds
  16. Indiana: General & Notre Dame | East Chicago
  17. Iowa: General
  18. Kansas: General - Video: Grain Elevator
  19. Kentucky: General
  20. Louisiana: General | Kentwood
  21. Maine: General | Bar Harbor | Boothbay Harbor | Portland Salvage | Highland Games
  22. Maryland: General | National Security Agency | Ft. McHenry | Annapolis and Rural Maryland | HDR Experiments
  23. Massachusetts: General | Boston | Lowell | Salem | Harvard University | Harvard Museum | M.I.T. | Walden & Concord | Martha's Vineyard & Hyannis | Onset | Bedford & Vicinity | Glenn's Childhood Home
    Video: Brazilian Church Procession in Framingham
  24. Michigan: Sledding | Sault Ste. Marie | Duluth | Sledding in New Buffalo | Upper Peninsula | General
  25. Minnesota: General
  26. Mississippi: General
  27. Missouri: General | Mystery Cocoons | Truman Library
  28. Nebraska: General | Omaha Zoo | Milford Ghost Church | Nebraska History Museum
  29. Montana: General |
  30. North Dakota, South Dakota: Dakotas | General | Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs | Butte
  31. Nevada: Album Index | General
  32. New Hampshire: General | USS Albacore Submarine
  33. New Jersey: General
  34. New Mexico: General | VLA Radiotelescope | Roswell Walmart | Prewitt | Santa Fe - Video: Message from a Tribal Elder
  35. New York: Album Index | Upstate | Niagara Falls | Upstate General | Syracuse | Montauk
  36. North Carolina: General | Ghost Motel
  37. Ohio: General | Lorain County Fair | New Concord | Swanton
  38. Oklahoma: General | Oral Roberts Univ | - Video: Oil Well
  39. Oregon: General | Portland 2007 | Cement Plant | Brady
  40. Pennsylvania: General | Philadelphia | Pittsburgh | Gettysburg
  41. Rhode Island: Brown University
  42. South Carolina: General | South of the Border
  43. Tennessee: General | Graceland | Model Railroad | Snow
  44. Texas: General | El Paso & West Texas | Houston | San Antonio | Jesus Truck Stop
  45. Utah: General | Bonneville Salt Flats | Temple Square | Green River Missile Complex | MysteryQuest Shoot
  46. Vermont: General | Burlington | Stowe
  47. Virginia: General | Harper's Ferry | Marine Corps Museum | Henricus | Dinosaur Land | Front Royal | Alexandria/Arlington | Mason Memorial |
  48. Washington State: Pacific Northwest Index | General State | Seattle | Pike Place Market | Mount St. Helens | Port Townsend Kinetic Race | Kellee Bradley Concert | Women's March | Moses Lake Breakfast | Twin Peaks
  49. West Virginia: General
  50. Wisconsin: General & Milwaukee | Kalahari Resort
  51. Wyoming: General | Prairie Dogs | Devil's Tower | Yellowstone | Jackson Hole | Sinclair


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  7. General Travel: Airports | On the Plane | Campsites & Hostels | Lunch | Restrooms | FourSquare |
  8. Art and Culture: The Amazing World of Tomorrow | Waterhouse Mythology | Atlantis | Oz |
  9. Renaissance Faires: Las Vegas 2006 | Las Vegas 2007 | Escondido 2006 | Escondido 2007 | Key West Pirate Festival | Maine Highland Games
  10. Protests and Rallies: Obama Inauguration | Madrid Protests | Greek Demonstration | Las Vegas Student Protest
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Photo Album Highlights (slightly out of date)


I am
Glenn Campbell. I travel continuously and take photos and make videos wherever I happen to be. The following is an overview of how my still photos are stored and indexed....

See my Facebook Albums for nearly all of my recent photos. Most of my albums are public and visible to any Facebook user, but you may need to log in to Facebook to see them. According to Facebook, I have over 30,000 travel photos in 600+ albums.

I post many photos "live" on my twitter feed as they happen. See @BadDalaiLama for the raw feed and my permanent archive and index at To see nearly all my photos on twitter search for "TwitPic" in my archive. Most photo tweets are geotagged. (Look at the original tweet to see the actual spot on Earth where I uploaded the photo.) Most of my tweeted photos are stored on my TwitPic account. Most of the photos posted to TwitPic are also stored in my Facebook albums, but TwitPic is a more selective feed. (I usually post the photos to Facebook hours or days after the Twitter photo, usually after editing the photos.)

I used to repost some of my best new photos to my Google Plus Account along with links back to my Facebook albums. (I joined Google+ on July 11, 2011.) However, I discontinued this at the end of 2012. (Too much work!) Although most of my photos are still stored on Facebook, Google+ provides a selection of the best ones. This feed includes new photos uploaded from the place there were taken, samples from old albums I am currently reviewing, new and old videos and miscellaneous links. (All of the photos posted to Google+ are also uploaded eventually to Facebook.)


I have been taking photos all my life, but only started getting rabid about it when digital photography made all the photos free and the cost of internet storage become affordable. My first online album was Zzyzx, California in April 2006. I bought my first digital SLR in June 2006 (Canon Rebel), and these are my first photos from it

Initially, I stored all my photos on my own website,, but I eventually migrated to Facebook. I joined Facebook on Jan. 1, 2008, and by the end of 2008, nearly all my new photos were being stored there. I also upload photos to Twitter, but these are usually duplicated later on Facebook.

During 2011, I devoted more attention to learning video and less to still photography. (For a history of a my video career, see Video Page.) For most of 2011, I had no dSLR (It was stolen in Canada.) and I didn't miss it. I took still photos only with my iPhone. In late 2011, I came back to still photography and now do it much more than video.

Starting June 8, 2014, I split my Twitter account into two. All of my travel photos now go to @Peripatetia, while words of wisdom stay in @BadDalaiLama. (Prior to that, I posted photos first on @BadDalaiLama and only retweeted them on @Peripatetia.) The vast majority of my tweeted photos also appear on my Facebook, where they may be easier to find. Starting in 2014, I have tried to make a deliberate attempt to cross-reference photos between social media platforms, so if you see a photo on one (Twitter), you should be able to find it on the other (Facebook).

Starting June 21, 2013, I have reproduced some of my best photos on Instagram. The resolution is limited (about 640 pixels wide), but I find that to be a valuable creative constraint. Only my boldest photos end up on Instagram. They are all reproductions of Facebook photos, and I have tried to cross-reference them back to Facebook.

For more about me and my other creative work, see my home page:

Older Formats

Before joining Facebook in 2008, all of my photos were stored on my own photo website, Although all my new albums are stored on Facebook, there are still a few early albums that are available only on RoamingPhotos — but they are all included in the master index above.

Before August 2010, I indexed all of my albums (including Facebook albums) on You can still browse this website for my photos before Aug. 2010. This is a well-organized and searchable site, but indexing became too much of a burden. Most of my new photos are now stored on Facebook with the only index being the master list above.

For a while, I tried to repost my best photos on Google+, but it became too much of a burden and I gave it up. You can still browse this feed, but the only new posts are a YouTube videos and blog entries that Google makes it easy for me to post. I gave up on reposting photos in late 2012, but the archive is still browseable.

In the Summer of 2010 (before Google+), I tried to maintain a "best of" feed for photos and videos on Tumblr. I gave up on it after one summer, but the photos are nice.

Current Equipment and Software

[Updated Sept. 13, 2014] I usually travel with about five cameras, but I mainly use a Canon 70D (with Canon 18-135mm lens, starting Sept. 2014) and an iPhone. Before that, I used a series of Canon Cameras, from the Canon Rebel, T1 to the 60D. I usually upgrade my camera every 1-2 years.

A good photographer can take great photos with any camera, and bad photographer is going to take lousy photos with even the most expensive one, but a good camera stacks the odds in your favor. With a fancy dSLR and the skill to use it, you can catch more of the marginal shots that would slip by otherwise. The main advantages of a dSLR are speed, low-light capability and focus control, and a more expensive camera generally does all three better. (The raw number of pixels is less important to me than capturing the shot.) After owning both Canon and Nikon dSLR cameras, I am back to Canon permanently. I think of Nikon as a bad relationship. I tried to make it work, but Nikon was just too dysfunctional. (Bad placement of controls and fewer features than Canon for the price.)

For years, I got by with the "low end of the high end" in digital cameras. The Canon Rebel series has stood by me well, and that is what I recommend to newcomers who want to move up from a point-and-shoot. As of late 2012, however, I am now shooting with the semi-professional Canon 60D. I am embarrassed by its huge and intrusive size, but it gives me so much better control that it is worth it. (However, I wouldn't know what to do with all the features of the 60D if I hadn't already practiced with the Rebel for years.)

For a lens, I only use the 18-200mm lens that came with the camera. (It is affordable only when you buy the lens and camera as a package.) This is the best lens you can possibly get for shooting in a wide range of circumstances. I never remove the lens from the body because this lets dust get onto the camera sensor. (I learned that from my previous dSLRs. Dust on the sensor is a much bigger problem that scratches on the lens.) I keep a lens hood permanently attached to the lens, not to prevent glare but to protect the lens from scratches. That way, I don't have to use a lens cap (which I would lose anyway).

After the photos are taken, I download them to my generic laptop and usually crop and brighten them with a photo editor. I use both Corel Paintshop Pro and Photoshop. I use Corel for some quick and simple tasks like cropping and adding title and use Photoshop for more complicated manipulations. (I recommend Corel to non-professionals for the low price and relative ease of use.)

For most of my iPhone photos, I use the standard camera app. Sometimes I upload iPhone photos directly to Facebook without editing, and sometimes I crop and brighten them first with the photo editing software. A few of my iPhone photos are taken using the proHDR app, which takes two photos at different exposures and combines them into one (for richer colors). Beginning Aug. 2011, I also use PhotoSynth to take wide-angle photos and 360-degree panoramas with my iPhone.

I have a small waterproof Fuji Finepix camera for underwater shots, wet circumstances and a few panoramas (but I rarely use it).

Post-Production Manipulation

With Photoshop, I am capable of completely altering reality, but in general I stick with "real" reality simply because it is easier. About 80% of my photos uploaded to Facebook are tweaked in some way. For most photos, I will crop the image and adjust the brightness and contrast. In about half of my photos, I adjust or enhance the color.

I occasionally use an HDR application, Dynamic Photo HDR, but mainly to pump up the contrast and heightens the color of single images ("tone mapping"). I rarely use it to combine multiple images into one. As an alternative, I may take 2 images of a scene at different exposures then splice them together at logical junction points. For example, I may combine two bracketed images of the same landscape, one where the sky is perfectly exposed and the other where the ground is perfectly exposed. The two pictures are joined at the horizon, so you can't tell that they are two photos.

One key to brilliant photos is that I work with various regions of the photo separately. In particular, I usually adjust the sky separately from the ground in outdoor shots, and I pay particular attention to faces. The most complex and time-consuming part is hiding the transition lines between the separate regions.

Only occasionally do I "photoshop" an image to change the physical details of it. My most common manipulation is to remove some minor detail that I feel distracts from the central focus of them picture. For example, in a portrait photo of one person, I may "edit out" another person's hand that might appear at the edge of the frame. You rarely notice these manipulations because they are irrelevant to the main topic of the image.

Although Photoshop gives me the power of God to change reality, this takes a lot of time. I do it mainly when I want to deliberately create Alien Worlds.

Permission Notes

You may feel free to link to any of my photos and albums, or share them via the Facebook "share" feature, but please don't copy them to another website without permission. For permission, contact me. (I am usually liberal about giving permission, especially for not-for-profit sites.)

If you want to use my photos in a small off-line presentation that only a few people will see, go ahead and do so. I can't complain about something I can't possibly know about.

In the early days, I tried to label each photo with a visible caption with my website, photo location and a copyright mark, but this became too much of a burden. (My photos may still be invisibly watermarked, and I am not relinquishing ownership of them.)

Be sure to check out my Videos too!

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