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This page is no longer maintained.

I am Glenn Campbell. Since my first uploaded video in May 2010, I have produced over two hundred of them! Most have been uploaded to my YouTube page (and on Feb. 28, I uploaded my first video to Vimeo). My videos on YouTube are organized into playlists, and each of my public videos should appear in at least one of these lists. Here is direct access to each of the lists....

The first 45 of my videos were uploaded to Facebook, including my very first uploaded video, A Rooster Eats My Ice Cream, shot on my Blackberry in May 6, 2010. (Most of the significant Facebook videos were later re-uploaded to YouTube, but a few short ones can be found there only.) My first upload to YouTube was The L.L. Bean Boot. About 13 of my early travel cellphone videos were uploaded to TwitVid (now For a while, I tried to maintain an Index Page of all of my videos, but it became too much to maintain and I abandoned it. (Retained for whatever use it may be.) I still try to index all my geographical videos on my Photo Page, but I have fallen way behind.

I usually announce new videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in addition to adding them to my Photo Page and the Facebook album they are most closely related to. Here is an archive of my Twitter announcements of new videos. On Facebook, I try to index my videos in photo albums by year: 2010, 2011, 2012, but these albums are currently incomplete.

Equipment: Most of my videos are shot with my Canon Vixia HFM300 camcorder. I may also shoot some videos with my iPhone or my Canon/Nikon dSLR. I edit with Cyberlink Director on my generic laptop (cheapest one at Walmart). I may stabilize some shaky videos with the YouTube editor.

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